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Welcome to the Occupy Columbus Wiki!

This is a collective wiki for the Columbus, OH occupy movement, please add/ update as needed.

Upcoming Events

The General Assembly

General Assembly Meeting Notes
Collection of some of the meeting notes from past General Assembly Meetings

Past, present, proposed, and potentially future proposals made at the General Assembly.

General Assembly Meeting Process
A general process for General Assemblies. Occupy Columbus does not necessarily use every aspect of this process and has modified some aspects as well.

Hand Gestures at General Assemblies
These hand gestures are helpful when making decisions in large groups.

Working Group Wiki Pages

Once working groups have solid information to distribute please post on your page

Important Links

If links fit into a working group page, please post there.

Occupy Columbus Discussion Forum
Up-to-date news, information, and discussion about the Occupy Columbus movement.

Using the "People's Mic"

CAN'T BE HERE? Can you donate/ bring materials?

Please consider the environment when printing materials. Paper is trees.

As we march and as we rally let's make our message LOUD AND CLEAR! Please add chants/ songs!

Rideshare, Couch & Shower Surfing
Can you help a fellow occupier out? Do you need a ride, couch or shower?

Videos of past Occupy Columbus events.

Occupation Safer Space Guidelines
Proposal to the General Assembly to make the 24/7 Occupation a safe and welcoming place for all

Don't Feed the Trolls
or how to make the opposition to the 99% look like a bunch of nuts

Revolution: a How-to from Anonymous
This should be taken with a grain of salt. Some suggestions, such as ratting out fellow protesters is not something everyone in Occupy Columbus supports.

Bringing Back the BabyBloc: How and Why Kids are an Important Part of the #Occupy Movement
Great article about how to support children and parents in our movement.

OCCUPY! CONNECT! CREATE! - Imagining Life Beyond "The Economy"
The #Occupy Movement that is spreading like wildfire across the United States and around the world is a wake-up call. We are standing at the edge of the world as we know it, and the question is whether our future will simply happen to us, or if we will participate in its making.

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